What we offer of Clients

Thom London is a Modern day Tailor that designs bespoke ensemble for men to grace all occasions.

Our Work

Thom’s assistance begins in your first meeting with him. If you don’t have a definite suit/pattern/design in mind, then he, as an expert, will guide you in what will “suit” you the best.

Our Advantages

Thom is always between New York and Miami, so no matter where you are in the world, he is a modern professional that enjoys traveling and meeting his clients anywhere they are.


With an eye for elegance, Thom London had perfected men’s tailoring and has excelled in taking the right measurement to give your form not just a perfect fit, but enhance your personality. He has now earned reputation as a high calibre outfitter for luxury outfits executing skilled fitting and handmade bespoke tailoring.


Integrating technology in tailoring enabled Thom London to give a touch of enhancement to his ensemble. Harnessing the advanced sewing machines and other sewing tools, he optimized the output as well as the business.


Today, he proffers advice on new age styles and fits on iPads, and recommends fashion as on date for those who want to be in vogue. He is competently supported by a team of Tailors who have a thorough knowledge of fabrics and textures. He also keeps himself updated with latest trends in business wear, leisure and evening attire. He has skilled the art of blending traditional with contemporary.

Company Policy

Discretion is our #1 priority.

Though it is an interactive business, discretion plays the most important part with Thom and his team. All client information is confidential and safety of that intelligence is valued with uncompromising commitment.